12 September 2013

Dinosaur Plant Markers

I love cooking with fresh ingredients--fresh garlic, fresh Parmesan cheese, fresh herbs, fresh veggies--everything tastes better when it's not dried or canned. Since summer is starting to wind down and our plants will soon die, I planted an indoor herb garden to get us through the cold weather months (which in Idaho seem to be the better part of the year). We planted parsley, oregano, thyme, rosemary, and, my favorite, basil. They look so pretty and add a nice pop of green to liven up the kitchen.  

All herb gardens look best with cute little plant markers jutting out from amidst the leaves, they kind of remind me of old fences or road signs over grown by nature, just on a very small scale.  I searched and searched for little sticks or old tiles or something to use but couldn't find anything in my house. Of course I could have bought some at a craft store, but that would have meant waiting and I'm impulsive and like to do things when I have the urge to do them. On the verge of frustration I remembered that I had some little wooden dinosaurs left over from Ellie's third birthday party. It's important for little kids to have a dinosaur-themed party at least once during their childhood, and it's important for a woman to have a dinosaur of some sort somewhere in her house. My dinosaurs are in my kitchen.  Ellie and I painted these little guys and stamped them with some miniature alphabet stamps from Michaels. To prop them up I used clothespins (because that's what I had lying around--no sticks and severe impatience, remember), one end pinned to the dinosaur, the other in the dirt. 
 And so we have a dinosaur herb garden. It's like a tiny prehistoric jungle only less dangerous and more delicious.

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