28 August 2013

First Grade

Ellie started first grade a couple weeks ago.

First grade.

I can't believe my once tiny baby is now  a kid in school, with her own unique ideas and opinions, her own innocent views of the world, her own questions and thoughts.  She's so inquisitive, so sassy, and I love that about her.  Every year, from Montessori to now, her teachers always say "Ellie's so smart but so stubborn" and they say the "but" like it's bad.  But I disagree.  Stubbornness and a strong will are important traits for a woman to possess and if Ellie holds on to these she'll be able to do whatever she wants to in life, no one will be able to hold her back or make her feel inferior.
When I watch her interact with others and see how sure she is of herself, how strong she is, it makes me glad that she's stubborn.  Inlaid with her stubborn personality is confidence and self worth. These are traits that I never possessed as a girl, or a teen, or even a young woman.  I'm learning them now and I see a lot of those things I always wished for myself in her.  She holds her ground if she feels strongly about something no matter who it is--no teacher, parent, kid, or anyone else can make her do something if she doesn't feel she should.  I don't want her to feel like she needs to change her stubborn attitude like her teachers always suggest. I want to her to embrace it, refine it, and learn to utilize it as she grows up. And that's my job as her mom, to make her take this trait and make the best of it. That may take some stubbornness on my part.

For now, we're going to enjoy the beginnings of first grade, the new goals and milestones that she has ahead this year, and along the way we'll work on becoming the best person possible, valuing our potential, and loving ourselves just the way we are.

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