02 July 2013

Tackling the heat wave

It's been hot around here lately.  I don't think we've had a day below 100 for about a week.  On Saturday, when we normally do activities outside or go to the park, we stayed home and found other, more relaxed ways to entertain ourselves. 

We stayed indoors and painted birdhouses, which took quite a while. Ellie insisted on using a small brush and glittering each paint application.

While our birdhouses dried, we went outside and set off a Mentos-soda volcano. If you've never done this, do yourself a favor and try it this weekend.  Take a 2-litre bottle of diet cola and drop in an opened tube of Mentos, run  away to avoid getting sticky, and enjoy a short-lived but exciting soda volcano.
All of that excitement made us tired and wallowed in the shade for a while afterward. 
 Ellie ran through the sprinklers and Matt and I joined in. 

 At the peak of the heat, we babied the garden, watered the vegetables extra,
 and met an acquaintance who was also probably very hot.

When we ran out of things to do, or energy to do them, we had a movie-fest inside with popcorn and snacks. 

The whole day made me feel like a kid again. And if getting to feel like a kid and have fun is the silver-lining of the heat wave, then I'll gladly take it.  (Though, I'm ready for 90-degree weather again.)


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