20 July 2013

How to keep birds away from your garden

When we planted our garden this year we thought that bugs would be our biggest pest problem. It turns out the birds like to eat our vegetables more than bugs do, and some days we have so many birds in our garden an backyard that it looks like  a scene from a Hitchcock movie.   I'm sad because I've always loved birds, but I also love to eat lettuce and beans from my garden and all of these birds have made the latter hard to do. 

While Matt and I were driving past a little farm one day we noticed something shimmering from the top of a fruit tree and slowed down to get a better look. The farmer had tied metallic party streamers to the tops of the tree and in the wind they blew and threw light out in all directions.  Realizing that this might solve our bird problem, we pulled some old banners out from our closet and tied/stapled them around our garden.  We have bees and butterflies still, but those pesky birds are gone.


When I turned 25 Matt thought it would be funny to through an old lady party and decorated with this Over the Hill banner.  I've been saving it for almost 3 years and am glad to put it to better use.

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