15 July 2013

A bathroom in Black Raisin

My powder bathroom, the one downstairs that all of the guests use, has always been bland and I've wanted to paint it since we built our house in 2008.  It's one of those things for which we make excuses like "I don't have time," or "When I decide on a color," or "Maybe this winter when it's cold," blah blah blah. 

Finally, last Friday night on a whim, I came home from work and said to Matt "We're going to Lowe's after dinner to buy paint and a light fixture." We painted all day Saturday, installed the new light, swapped mirrors and now, have a dramatic powder bath. Matt did most of the work-- installing the light, taping everything off well, and reaching the ceiling and top of the walls--so most of the credit should probably go to him.  It was my idea (I'll be selfish and take credit there) but the hard work and know-how was all his.  What a great husband.

The color is Valspar Black Raisin and is a beautiful, rich brown with slight purple undertones in the right light.  The mirror came from a thrift store 10 years ago, but has always been my favorite piece of decor. It migrates around my house, most recently in Ellie's room, and is perfect with in this bathroom re-do. I love the white accents, the stark contrast between dark and white.  We're going to add some white frames to the bare walls for some extra pop, but even now, this once boring little bathroom is a dramatic little place in our house.

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