20 May 2013

How to make a chipboard photo book

Customized chipboard books make beautiful, personal gifts. The one shown in the photos below was a Mother's Day gift for my mom, but these could be made for any occasion. All craft stores sell chipboard books in a range of sizes from small to notebook sizes.  I bought a few small ones on clearance (for 25-cents!) at Michael's last winter, but I think these are normally $1.

Chipboard book
Card stock or scrapbook paper in coordinating colors
Scissors and/or pinking shears
Ribbon and other embellishments
 1. Remove ring from book so pages are loose. Trace paper to match the shape of your chipboard pages then carefully cut.  This part took me a long time--twice as long as the remaining steps combined. I suppose this part could go pretty quickly if you have a Cricut or Silhouette machine, or if you choose a book that's a traditional, simple shape (circle, square, etc).  
 2. Paint a thin layer of modpodge onto the chipboard and then place paper on top, carefully smoothing out any bubbles or wrinkles. Let dry completely.  
 3. Carefully poke a hole in the paper for the ring to go through.  I just marked the hole with a pen then pushed the end of the ring through.  
4. Trim photos to fit boards, adding any border or backing that you like. Glue using modpodge. I used a hand towel to smooth the photo onto the board just to make sure I didn't get finger prints or glue on the tops.
 5. Cut out small square or strips of paper to write captions, notes, messages on the pages. Glue.
6. Replace ring, taking care to note the order of the pages.  Embellish with ribbon, rhinestones, buttons, etc.
 7. Wrap in tissue paper and gift. 


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