13 April 2013

Let's Sew Series: Sew a drawstring bag

Supplies:  Fabric, ribbon or twine, coordinating thread,  pins, safety pin
Step 1: Cut two squares or rectangles of fabric. Dimensions can be based on what you want to put in the bag.  This bag was made to hold 8" x 12" magazines and books, so I cut it to measure 9" x 14" . Remember to factor seams when measuring and cutting.  Allow for about 1/2" to 1" on sides and bottom and 2" at the top.
Step 2: Fold and press 1/4" on the top of each square.  Fold down again by 1/2". This is the casing for your ribbon or string.  You'll need to adjust the measurements if you're using wide ribbon.
Step 3: Sew to secure, keeping as close to the bottom edge as possible. 
Step 4: Place both pieces of fabric right sides together and pin.  Stitch starting and at the bottom of the casing. Finish the raw edges with a narrow zigzag stitch. Turn and press. 
Step 5:  Cut two pieces of ribbon of equal length. For my bag each piece of ribbon was about 20".  Pin a safety pin to the edge of one piece of ribbon then push ribbon through casing at the top of both sides.  Once through, remove pin and tie a knot at the end of the ribbon. Repeat, starting at the opening on the opposite side. Tie off the ends. 

Happy sewing!

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