22 April 2013

Bulbs, color, spring

Last November, late in the planting season, we tucked 300 crocus bulbs into our lawn and planted hundreds of daffodils, hyacinths, and tulips around all the flower beds.  The ground was cold and hard, the wind biting, my fingers numb, and  I remember thinking--probably whining--"This better be worth it."  
We watched the ground eagerly toward the end of February. Nothing.  We waited a couple weeks into March. Nothing. Then, one day we came home from work and saw lots of little green blades rising above the rest of the grass.  The next day, little buds had grown. And finally, a few days later, our yard was full of white and purple crocus blossoms.

Slowly, the other flowers started to emerge.Our bleeding heart bush started to  bloom, our lavender and clematis started turning green, and soon hyacinth, daffodil and tulip leaves grew.  The daffodils are gorgeous--the remind me of peonies with their full, ruffled heads and the hyacinths are bright and aromatic.  Ellie puts single hyacinth heads in a small vase for her bedroom and the whole room smells like spring.
Our tulips started blooming yesterday--bright pinks and oranges that remind me of sherbet. They're beautiful tucked in a vase with the daffodils and bleeding hearts.  There's nothing that makes me happier than fresh cut flowers on my kitchen table, bringing in the air of outside. 
A simple pleasure. 

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