24 April 2013

10 minute project: Sew a tube sock hot pack

Have ten minutes, a tube sock, and some rice?  That's all you need to make a neck and shoulder hot pack.

These are the perfect size for neck and shoulder relief and cost very little to make. I found the blue striped socks at the Dollar Tree and used an old pair of Ellie's knit tights for the white hot pack.

Supplies: Tube sock or knit tights, thread, pins, rice

Step 1: Cut foot from sock, turn inside out, and pin one end. 
Step 2: Stitch. When sewing with knit fabrics, use a lower tension and larger stitch to keep fabric from stretching. 
Step 3: Turn inside out and fill with rice. 
Step 4: Pin closed, then sew. 

Heat in microwave for 2 to 3 minutes and please be careful as rice can get very hot. Place on neck and shoulders and relax. 

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