21 March 2013

You are going places, my dear

You are going places, my dear.
Places others will only dream about. 
Places you will dream about. 
Places that only you can go.
Places that are tangible 
and intangible.
Places that you will make possible.
Places that mean you will have to be
the person you are meant to be.
You are strong-willed,
You are curious. 
You are brave. 
You question
 and explore 
and seek after that which 
you don't understand or know. 
 You lead others.
 You are out-going
 and vibrant
 and welcoming.
You are you, and only you. 
 You have the potential to do anything,
 to be anything, 
and my dear, I know you will.

Keep on growing 
and learning
 and smiling. 
Keep on being you.

You are somebody great.

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