29 March 2013

Let's Sew Series: Sew a bookmark using fabric scraps

I save all of my fabric scraps--odd sizes, strips, little snippets, small pieces of ribbon.   I hate throwing fabric away because there are always other uses.  One of my favorite ways to use fabric scraps are these pretty little fabric bookmarks.  They're simple and quick to make, don't require you to purchase any fabric, and they look lovely peeking out from the top of a book. 

Supplies: Fabric scraps, coordinating thread, ribbon scraps, pins 
Step 1: Iron fabric scraps and cut out 2 rectangles measuring 2.5" x 7".  Measurements don't need to be precise--eyeball it or adjust the size to fit a specific book or journal. Cut a piece of ribbon to about 8". Fold with wrong sides together and press the seam. (My photo shows the right sides of the ribbon together--don't do this.) 
Step 2: Pin fabric pieces together with right sides touching.  Pin the ribbon in between the two pieces with the raw edges pointed out. 
 Step 3:Stitch.  Using a basic straight stitch, sew around all four sides, leaving room to turn inside out. 
 Step 4:Turn and press.  Top stitch around all edges to close the hole. Use a straight stitch, zigzag, or any other decorative stitch you'd like.

These are so versatile and easily customizable--add more ribbon, have the raw edges of the ribbon facing out if you want fraying, add a tiny applique. 
 Be creative and have fun!
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