14 March 2013

It's About Tradition

Today, for Pi Day, Ellie is wearing her new "pi" dress. The top is a recycled tank appliqued with the pi symbol, and the bottom is some spare fabric I had in my collection. 

Ellie really doesn't comprehend pi or Pi Day yet (she knows the number and that it involves math and circles, but that's about it), but she loves the new dress and is looking forward to pizza tonight.  It's been a tradition to eat pizza on Pi Day since Matt and I were married and it's one we plan on doing forever. 

And really, it's not about pi. It's about making things fun, making what would be a normal, unimportant day become something bigger, something to look forward to.  Life is always better with a little excitement.

Celebrate the small, seemingly unremarkable moments and make them exciting. If you do, life will become even more extraordinary.

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