02 March 2013

A wiggly tooth

Last night when I picked up Ellie after school, she looked at me with a funny little grin. Her bottom tooth was sticking out past the rest.  “Is your tooth loose?” I asked  trying to be casual but inside excited, unsure, and falling apart because my baby is growing up too fast.  “Yes!” She replied, too casually and not nearly as emotional as I. 

It’s so hard to believe she’s already losing her baby teeth—it seems like she just grew those and was biting me while nursing. I never used to be so sentimental and mushy, but motherhood has caused me to re-learn parts of myself.  Getting teary eyed at a loose tooth is something new.   

Ellie’s excited about this new phase, and so am I. To make it even more fun I’m going to sew a tooth fairy pillow for her. When I was a kid we just stuck my tooth in an envelope beneath my pillow and called it good (and that was fine with me as long as my traditional 50-cent piece was there when I awoke).  But, I like to make little moments special, and this seems like an awfully special one to me. I found so many cute pillows online, so I think I’ll let Ellie pick out which one she likes best. Knowing her, she'll come up with her own creation. I'll share the final product when we're all finished.

1. Tooth Fairy Pillow Cottage by AppleWhite
2. Tooth Fairy Doll Pillow by Simple Simon & Co.
3. Owl Tooth Fairy Pillow by the latest from Lauri
4. Elephant Pillows
5. Monster Tooth Pillow from The Long Thread 

Ellie chose the little house--she calls it a castle--for her tooth fairy pillow.  Here's what we made:

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