29 January 2013

Valentine cones: A tradition

Every Valentine's Day Ellie and Matt open valentine cones. I started doing these when Ellie was old enough to actually care about opening gifts--probably around age 2 1/2--and the cones were so fun and easy that I've done them ever since.  They're easy to open, hold lots of fun little things, and are so pretty wrapped and tied with ribbon. If you want to make some, Martha Stewart has a great tutorial.
Each year the contents are a little different. The first year, Ellie received miniature dinosaurs and chocolate hearts.
Last year the cone was full of headbands, crazy straws, colorful beads (for making necklaces) and chocolate kisses.
This year's cone will have candy hearts, pink glitter nail polish, sticker books, hair clips, and love notes. 
What she receives isn't fancy or expensive, but it's fun and given with love.

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