30 January 2013

Man Crafting is real, people

Sometimes I Google "crafts for men" to see if there are any fun projects to make for Father's Day, Valentine's Day, Christmas, etc. Today, in my search, I found Man Made DIY.

Man crafting: crafts for men, made by men. There aren't many sewing crafts, but there's an awful lot of man stuff going on--bacon, beer, food, chainsaws, boots, sports, and articles about other man crafters. There's even a post about Ryan Gosling's knitting hobby. Yes, you read that right.  I'm not a man (obviously), but I love this website. It provides a fascinating glimpse into the interests and craft habits of men, and the writing is laid-back and full of sarcasm and wit.  
Some of my favorites:

Make a Lego Christmas Ornament 
I'm pretty sure we'll be doing this next year, or maybe even sooner. 
created at: 12/13/2012
Make a mid-century modern wreath
I love this. And I want a to paint my front door that beautiful sea foam color.
created at: 12/04/2012 

How to make bacon pixie stix
When I told my husband about this he smiled. The thought of it actually makes me a little sick, but bacon is more of a man thing, I guess. 

After spending way too much time gawking at all the glory of man crafts on this website, I got to thinking. Is this whole concept of man crafts new, or have I been missing something all these years?  Turns out, it was me.  The Washington Times/Associated Press wrote an article about man crafting and pointed out that woodworking and leather tooling have been man crafts for ages.  I guess I always saw those things as trades or skills, but they're definitely crafts. And this article pointed out that men craft for the same reasons women do: creative outlet.  They just do it with bacon and beer.

I'm not sure why I find man crafting so interesting, but I do. Maybe because all the craft websites I look at are full of baby projects, purses, too-pretty fabrics, and birthday party decorations.  After all that, it's refreshing to read about beer cupcakes with bacon icing, origami graffiti, and how to make Star Wars paper snowflakes.  It's a different creativity than I'm used to, and different things are good things.

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