23 January 2013

-2 and unrelenting

What do you do when the daily high is still in the single digits or low teens and the nightly lows dip to -2?   You make the best of it, or at least try to.

About once or twice each winter we'll have a day of really cold temperatures, maybe high teens, but rarely less than 10 degrees.  For almost all of January, we haven't seen 20 degrees, and it just seems to get colder. The roads are icy, the air smoggy and foggy, but when the sun shines and the snow glistens. 

Ellie ran around outside for a few minutes over the weekend, stamping her feet into the snow and making snow hearts.  

Snow hearts

My favorite part: staying inside all day, having an excuse to wear ridiculous slippers and socks, and eating comfort food at every opportunity.   I don't like the cold, but there's a glimmer in everything if we look for it.

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