12 December 2012

Snow Boobs and Quality Time

It snowed on Saturday, and I'm being generous by calling it snow. It was a thick dusting, but enough to build a snowman. Last week I caught an awful cold--it's not going away--so I stayed inside while Matt and Ellie made a snowman.  Or, I should say, snowlady.

The conversation probably went like this:
Matt: Do you want a boy snowman or a girl snowman?

Ellie: A girl.

And then Matt innocently made the snowperson a lady, complete with anatomy.

It's hard to see, but those lumps near the arms are boobs. Really. I don't even want to know what would have happened if she said the snowman should be just that: a man.  But, it was cute and they were both happy and mischievous. 

This is father-daughter bonding for the modern age. 

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