03 December 2012

K is for Kindergartener

Ellie started Kindergarten a couple of months ago, and I wrote about it but never posted.  She attended an all-day Montessori school for 2 years, so I thought I'd be prepared for Kindergarten--it didn't seem much different.  Matt and I took her to school on her first day (she was two weeks later than the other kids because we were in Panama on the first day of school), introduced her to her teacher, made sure she was comfortable, and left. As we walked away, she found her seat and wouldn't look at us anymore--I tried waving from the door and making faces to get her attention. She was probably embarrassed, but I just wanted to see her smile and make sure she wasn't too nervous. Maybe it was for my own sake; maybe I was the nervous one. 
Walking away from the school, past the school buses, I realized that this is not Montessori. This is elementary, and she's a big kid now. My baby is now a KID.  Five years have passed--flown-- and in five more years she'll be in 4th grade, and in 5 more a freshman, and five more....college. It's overwhelming how time so unfairly blind sides us. 
When I looked back at the school, I told myself I wouldn't cry, but I did.  

These are the moments when our children's milestones are ours. 

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