15 December 2012

Gingerbread House and a Gingerbread Family

Last year we made a gingerbread house a gingerbread family and, in the spirit of tradition, made another one this year.  Of all our traditions, I think this one might easily become my favorite. 

I don't buy the pre-made ones and I don't do the graham cracker method (my grandma made those with us)--I do it completely from scratch.  It's not easy, but I like to do it this way so we can customize our house--make it as big or small as we'd like, add a door or window, or none at all.  With the leftovers, we can make our gingerbread people.  Plus, it tastes delicious and makes our house smell so warm and cozy as it bakes.

Last year's house was big (too big), so we scaled it back a bit this year. Last year's house also had a pink stegosaurus:
With all of our whimsical, colorful candies before us, we each took our bag of frosting and went to work.  First, we made the little family (cat included):

Then, we set to work on the house:

Unfortunately, we didn't use all of the candy and had to eat the leftovers--the hardest part of it all.

It's also time to read The Gingerbread Man, one of our favorite winter books. 

Happy Christmastime!

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