18 November 2011

Halloween (A belated post)

This Halloween post is obviously very late (18 days to be precise).  However, I do have an excuse or seven. During Halloween week and the week following, I had 3 papers due and 4 exams (and I work as well, mind you). So most of my time at home was spent with my laptop planted firmly on my legs and books haphazardly sprawled on either side of me. You see-- there's a reason for my very late post and lack of posts prior.

For Halloween this year Ellie decided that she wanted to be a princess, a very big change from last year (she was a red snake).  My mother-in-law made the fancy skirt and top and I sewed the ruffled tote. Always one to her own spin on things, Ellie wore a pretty purple glittered butterfly in her hair instead of a crown.  

 We visited my grandma the night before Halloween. Ellie twirled her dress and Grandma gave her too much candy.  That is how things should be, I suppose.

And of course we carved pumpkins, but I didn't take pictures of the process. I did, however, take a photo of our creations.  My husband has made the same wonderfully disgusting pumpkin for two years in a row now.  Before his tradition was to carve pi into his pumpkin as a math joke (pumpkin pie...get it?).  I love how he keeps things so interesting around here. 
A beautiful princess and her dad's gross pumpkin

Ellie has notified me that next year she wants to be a giraffe. Thankfully I have some time to figure out how to make it.

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