01 August 2011

That poor dragon!

Over the weekend Ellie and I watched Sleeping Beauty together. As as child, this was my favorite Disney cartoon and this was Ellie's first time watching it. I stayed especially close near the end because I thought she might be afraid of the dragon.  However, my worry was needless.  Upon the dragon's defeat Ellie exclaimed (with deep sincerity and sympathy) "Oh! That poor dragon!"
It's little moments like this that make me realize that Ellie is her own person, with her own ideas, her own thoughts.  And as strange as liking the villan of a movie is, I'm glad for it.  It tells me that she is free-thinking and creative enough to feel how she wants to about certain things. 

Or maybe I'm reading too deeply into it. 

Either way, she makes me smile.

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