13 July 2011

Olive Oil & Sugar Body Scrub

A friend shared this recipe with me about a year ago and I just love it. I have eczema (an uncomfortable rash that plagues me quite frequently) and this scrub really helps to soothe and slow the rash.

The best part: it can be made quickly and only uses common pantry ingredients. It can be applied to the body, face, and lips to exfoliate skin.  

Olive Oil and Sugar Body Scrub
2 parts sugar (granulated or brown)
1 part olive oil
dash of vanilla, almond, or other extract (you can also use essential oils if you wish)
1 container and lid (I like to use small wide mouth mason jars, but you could use an apothocary jar, tupperware, plastic jar, or bowl---whatever you like)

1. Put sugar into jar and stir in olive oil and extract, making sure to mix well. 
2. Seal with lid.
3. Use in bath or shower and enjoy your smooth and soft skin.

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