20 July 2011

Creative Workflow

We all have creative ideas--whether the idea be a new art project, a particular focus in writing, a musical composition, heck, even sewing or cooking can be an outlet for creativity. Sometimes our ideas are big, sometimes they take a lot of energy and focus, sometimes we don't know if we should embark on them or not. 

I found a fantastic, to-the-point chart on ronnestam.com that addresses the difficult question creative thinkers often face: should or shouldn't I bring that idea into fruition?

In my writing courses, most classroom discussions lead toward this particular point: make or don't make. Often I ask myself if I should embark on a poetry series, turn to short stories, or if I should focus on literary journalism and get to the core of an issue. If yes, what's my fundamental purpose and motivation?  If the purpose has heart--the drive to create comes from an itching in the mind, a desire to know, a need to communicate, and most importantly passion--then make it. Make it and keep at it until it drives you mad and then work on it some more.

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