23 June 2011

The Owl Party

Ellie turned four last month. FOUR! I'm not sure where the time went, nor do I know how it went so fast, but somehow she was born and went through toddler-hood quicker than I wanted.

We had a very big party with family and friends--around 55 of them to be exact--at our home.  Ellie had a wonderful time and loved being the center of attention (what kid doesn't?).   As was her request, the party was owl-themed. This made her very happy.

The cake: homemade yellow cake (her favorite) covered in marshmallow fondant.

The favors: hand-embroidered owl masks and little goodie boxes (candy buttons, owl erasers, and hair clips)


The activity: painting birdhouses (rain forced us to do it indoors)

The birthday girl (and gifts)

The gift from mommy: the pink owl blanket on the floor--very bad photo, I know

I sure love this little girl. Before she was born I loved her.  When she was born I loved her more.  And as she grows, each day I find myself loving all that she is becoming, the beautiful (and very silly) person that she is.  Being her mother is a joy, a blessing, and the greatest gift of my life.

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