14 March 2011

Whooooo'd like an owl party?

Ellie would.

She has been in love with owls since I sewed her one last fall.  Her birthday will be in May, and since I like to make things myself, I have to begin preparing a couple of months in advance.  When I asked her what sort of theme she'd like (last year she wanted dinosaurs), she said an owl party. There are so many cute things to make and do with an owl theme, so I'm happy that she chose this.

A few things I'm finding inspiration from:

Hair clips and keychains for party favors:
Clips for the girls: (I found a great tutorial at Cutout and Keep.)

Keychains (from Bread & Chocolate) for the boys:

Owl masks (from Early Bird Special)

I plan on making Ellie a little skirt to wear at her party, so I have been compulsively collecting owl fabric. This cute print (my favorite) is from Hancock Fabrics.

A game of Pin the Tail on the Donkey, rather, Pin the Nose on the Owl.

And what kid doesn't have fun with a Piñata? This one is from Couture Events.
I'm going to try making my own with papier-mâché and a balloon.  It might end up way too round, but it'll be fun and cute (hopefully).

Invitations (I've already made these. I just need to cut them out and put them on cardstock).

And last of all, the cake. No picture for this one, though. It's a suprise.

Considering that all of these will be made by hand, I'm going to have to start making them in my "free" time between school and work.  But, Miss Ellie will love it.

UPDATE: To see how the owl party turned out, view my post about it here

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