01 December 2010

Let there be love

My three year-old daughter Ellie and I have a little joke between us. We say it at bedtime, and it always makes us giggle.

Knock knock.
Who's there?
Owl who?
Owl always love you!

I wanted to make her something to capture this little joke, and I wanted it to be something special that she can cherish when she's grown.  So, I made her this little owl. 

It is made of muslin with cotton fabric appliquéd on for the wings, eyes, and beak.  I added buttons to give the eyes more depth, and then embroidered around the appliquéd areas.

The back is simply embroidered.

Now at bedtime, she holds her owl and points to each word as she says "Owl always love you." And we giggle.  And the world becomes absolutely beautiful.

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