17 December 2010

Let there be art

It's cold outside and Miss Ellie needs a way to dispel her energy. 

A blank canvas, watered down acryllic paint, and some paint brushes (plus some paper or drop cloth to protect the the floor) is all you need to let art flourish.

The rules:

1. Have fun
2. Use lots of color
3. Don't be afraid to get a little messy
4. Stay on the paper, please!

I let her choose the colors she wanted to mix (only complementary colors like yellow and orange, pink and red, green and blue, etc). 

Before selecting a new color (or one that is drastically different than the wet ones) let the canvas dry completely.  This will keep the colors from mixing and turning an icky brown. 

Keep several different brush sizes handy. 

Frequently turn the canvas to allow the paint to run and blend.  

After three rounds of painting, this is what we have.  It serves as an ongoing weekend project to keep her entertained indoors.  Next up, green.

Allowing her freedom to choose her colors and to to do whatever she liked on the canvas gave her a great sense of independence.  She is so proud of her work, and I'm so proud of her.


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