16 December 2010

Keeping the Grinch out this Christmas

This time of year always sends my wits into shambles. I am a full time student and work full time, and unfortunately semester finals always happen the week before Christmas. What does that mean? It means I run myself ragged trying to study and Christmas shop and bake and take care of my family and try to find time for sleep.
 At times, I loathe Christmas for coming at such an inconvenient time and I turn into a sort of Grinch.

This year I decided I was going to be savvy about the holiday season. In October I started all of my sewing projects and worked on them as I had time ( I should have started sooner, but I didn’t get my sewing machine until October).  I bought gifts as they came on sale (I’d like to say throughout the year, but it was mostly over the past two months), and I resolved to do some simple baking this year instead of doing fudge, bread and sugar cookies.  Last night we made a couple batches of M&M cookies and peanut butter cookies.  They’re not traditional holiday cookies, but that’s okay. Once they’re wrapped in pretty little bags with a nice note, people will appreciate them.
I have had more time to enjoy decorating and wrapping instead of hurriedly doing it all because I ran out of time.  And by keeping things simple, I can put more effort into what I do.
Christmas is a fun and beautiful time of year, but if we are exhausting ourselves and doing too much it becomes a hassle and the spirit of happiness, family, and charity gets a little muddled.  So to all of you, I say, relax a little and enjoy this special time of year little by little.  Your heart will thank you.


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