25 October 2010

Copyright and legalities

The content on this website is the intellectual property of Amy Howarth created for the sole purpose of this blog, So Very Sweet. Feel free to share any information you find useful but please be courteous provide due credit.  No content may be used for commercial purposes without consent.

This website may contain links to external websites and photographs with credit information noted in each case.  I am not responsible for the content on these external websites, nor do I claim to hold interests in such.  Word variations may occur in translations. I am not responsible for any offensive translated meanings.

All blog posts are written with the intent to inform, amuse, or engage readers, without the intent to cause harm or injury in any form to any person, persons, group, business, government, or entity.  Some of the activities shared on this blog involve cooking, sewing, or other do-it-yourself projects. As with any activity, please proceed at your own risk and take necessary safety precautions. I am not responsible for any injury resulting from any blog tutorials or recipes.

Please contact Amy at soverysweet.sew@gmail.com for permission or questions.

Copyright 2010-2013, Amy R. Howarth, SoVerySweet.Blogspot.com.

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